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Since it was created in 1987, AIC EQUIP, previously known as AIC (Arquitectura i Iniciatives per a la Ciutat “Architecture and Initiatives for the City”) has developed a constant line of work to combine knowledge, professional experience and responsibility, to generate confidence in our clients, profitability in projects and quality in solutions.

The key which distinguishes the main value of AIC EQUIP has been the conception of a company that joins professional people of technical, financial and legal disciplines, specialists in real- estate and specialists in general territory change, being all of them under the same direction, in order to offer a comprehensive service to our clients. It was in 1987 when we signed our first contract called in that moment Comprehensive Management.

In AIC EQUIP, we develop our activity around three business units which combine their activity: Land and Housing Management, Architecture and Engineering.


To incorporate our knowledge is the aim.
We find there all what we want to be in order to put it at the service of our clients, people who use the spaces we create or ourselves as a group.