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The Engineering area and the Architecture one complement each other. This is a feature of AIC EQUIP that allows us covering with guarantees a wider spectrum of projects and improving our compromise to its management and development.

We make structural designs, installations, mobility studies, profit resources and energy efficiency studies, comprehensive water treatment studies and urban infrastructures projects or landscape restoration ones.

The Engineering Unit has followed a development in our organization. At first it was linked to urbanism and architecture projects, but now it has widened the specializations thanks to the interests of our professionals and to the requests of our clients.

Nowadays we develop three lines of work:


  • Structures and foundation lying
  • Installations: electrical, hydraulic, air conditioning
  • Saving energy and sustainability: energy, PV and geothermal efficiency.


  • Urbanization
  • Linear works and transport infrastructures works
  • Hydraulic works


  • Comprehensive water treatment
  • Landscaping
  • Mobility
  • Environmental Impact


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