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Housing Management

We have managed satisfactorily 31 promotions, that is to say 1.500 dwellings and 209.000 m2.

The development of a residential building’s promotion or, in general, thought to another use as business, offices, etc…, requires the integration of legal knowledge, as well as technical, economic-financial management and marketing ones.

The aim is to optimize, through the professional management in the whole process, our clients’ aims, public and private ones, giving knowledge, minimizing risks, adapting times and reducing costs related to investment.

In AIC EQUIP, we have specialists in every discipline that takes part in the development of a building promotion and, furthermore, we have the organizational structure and the processes required to develop the operation successfully.

The activity is focused on the integration of all the building development processes, from the land acquisition or reclassification, the transformation process, until the final delivery of the product to users.

Our services list covers:

  • Finding land. Acquisitions advising.
  • A study of technical and financial viability
  • Organizing, planning, controlling and following all the activities related or needed to works promotion and execution development until they are finished according to the Costs Plan and the established and approved actions schedule.
  • Coordinating the different agents taking part in the impulse and promotion of coming actions.
  • Commercial advising in technical projects drafting.
  • Market research to define the product and the aim public.
  • Contracting works through a tender. Drafting of lists, negotiation, comparatives, reports and contract proposals.
  • Appropriated following and control of building and installations works. Property Technician.
  • Following and economic control of the whole promotion, presenting reports (treasury, cash flow, etc.)
  • Financial and countable management.
  • Permissions and administrative authorizations management.
  • Managing certificates and supplying companies’ authorizations.
  • Advising, following and processing legal actions – new construction and horizontal property, servitudes, etc…
  • Advising to obtain and negotiate conditions of mortgages.
  • Managing documentation of developer and buyer of subsidized dwellings – provisional and definitive qualifications, aids.
  • Following and control of service tests, Building Log Book, checking of final state, or any other document needed to the dwellings delivery according to legal exigencies.