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Land Management

We have managed 30 land actions with an area of 25.077.177 m2.

Following the trends of financial activity, the urban law tried to join planning and managing processes together. The development, planning, urban managing and urbanization of new lands added to the city, require the contribution of financial resources following a classic scheme, where the beneficiary of urban added values must carry the cost of land transformation.

Physical and legal transformation of lands follows a complex process, being necessary the incorporation of technical knowledge into urban planning and civil engineering, law practice and economic management. A comprehensive conception of the whole process gives efficiency to lands development.

Our work is to resolute in a comprehensive way all the needs of different actors taking part in the process, like public administrations, owners, urban actors and developers, giving an answer to management from a comprehensive view: technical, legal and financial view.

Under that unitary conception of the project, AIC EQUIP offers all the necessary services to public or private developers, to achieve the land transformation that their promotions need.

This way, our offer covers the following services:

Drawing up, processing and managing:

  • Urban Planning.
  • Subdividing Land Projects.
  • Urban Projects.
  • Integrated and isolated action programs. Law and economic proposal, urban agreements, etc.
  • Equidistribution profits and charges: systems of compensation, cooperation and expropriation.

Comprehensive intervention in managing processes:

  • Organizing, planning, controlling and following all the activities related or needed to the program development and works execution until there are finished.
  • Coordinating the different agents taking part in the action, both public and private.
  • Works contracting and economic management.
  • Managing works reception in the corresponding Administration and services companies.

Legal Entities management (urban agent, compensation board, etc…) support of urban interventions:

  • Impulse and management of law-administrative and housing activity.
  • Acts of incorporation and corporate agreements
  • Agreements with Public Administration and Services Companies.
  • Keeping accounts, fees and Monthly revenues.
  • Economic management.