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Housing Cooperative

Under the Cooperative way of acting, we have managed 15 operations, building 653 dwellings and 98.132 m2.

The cooperative promotion, as well as the promotion of Homeowners’ Association, has a virtue: the start-up decision of a dwelling promotion is taken in the moment when there exists an investing compromise of final buyers. Risks are minimized because the selling uncertainty almost disappears. Furthermore, these ways of acting have competitive advantages in front of the classic ones, due to the fact that acquisition/adjudication price is the cost price and clients can take part in costs, design and quality decisions.

From the start, AIC EQUIP has offered cooperatives manager services. Thanks to our intervention we reduced risks when professionalizing completely the promoting management. Our comprehensive conception of the process and the participation of specialists in each promotion field, have given us the opportunity of developing promotions of any typology, to specific groups, open promotions, houses with community services, buildings in blocks of flats, subsidized and unsubsidized housing, etc.

Our service is linked to the achievement of the already set aim, the final cost of dwellings, getting actively involved in the operation success.

The service we offer includes:

  • To impulse the organization process of each specific cooperative.
  • Organizing the demand, through the needed commercialization.
  • Managing the cooperative promotion
  • Carrying finances and accounts, social books.
  • Organizing and advising the social organs, Board and Assembly.
  • Advising the plot’s acquisition
  • Projects drafting and works managing
  • Whole managing of the promotional process: processing authorizations, licenses and certificates.
  • Advising in works contracting.
  • Economic control of the whole housing process and the promotion.
  • Reporting accountant services
  • Approach and Management of financing, including mortgages.
  • Reports drafting.