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The main value of AIC EQUIP is to conceive a company that joins professional people of several disciplines with specialists in the different processes of changing territory, always following the spirit of giving our clients a comprehensive service. Since we signed our first contract in 1987, a comprehensive management, a multidisciplinary view takes part of our day by day.


In AIC EQUIP we raise the jobs in a comprehensive way, offering to our clients some values that make us different.


Business solvency

AIC EQUIP gathers specialists from different sectors together setting up a multidisciplinary team which is able to deal with projects of a high complexity. Our knowhow and rigor at work, our flexible structure and an extensive experience of more than 24 years, allow us to create solutions in an efficacy and satisfactory way to our client, guaranteeing a big quality in our service.

Client orientation

Our relationships with our clients are based on a “win to win” strategy. Their success is our success, and it is also the engine of our constant improvement. All our effort is focused on assuring a maximum quality service, to obtain our clients satisfaction and successful, and therefore ours.

Comprehensive view, local knowledge

We consider that local knowledge and a comprehensive view must be joined together. Each of our projects requires a deep analysis of local conditions, both cultural and legal as well as the financial ones. They portray not only the investment but also the way our client works. We are able to propose solutions according to the trends in the sector and respecting, at the same time, the local values.


People are the essential part of AIC EQUIP. That is why we make an effort to promote their creativity, initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and identification with the company. By stimulating the talent development we have consolidated a professional and experienced team.

Social Responsibility

In AIC EQUIP we consider the quality of our services as a priority responsibility, and we share the added value of “building the city” with our clients, the result of our work will be used by people and it will remain in the environment, in a very changing society and we are responsible of its creation in compromise with sustainability and people.

Innovation and continuous improvement

The market evolution demands our adaptation in a professional, dynamic and efficient way to give the best answer to our clients needs. The plans of AIC EQUIP continuous improvement allow us innovating, raising new challenges and taking part in the definition of new future standards of acting.